Considering a House Paint/Re-Paint? Here are a few things that you need to know.

Considering a House Paint/Re-Paint? Here are a few things that you need to know.

In today’s financial climate, there are so many people claiming to be skilled tradesmen when in fact they have very little or some basic knowledge of the skills they purport to have.

Luckily, there are blindingly obvious ways to tell them apart, although not definitive, this is just a guide as to what to look out for.

If an alleged tradesman or construction professional knocks on your door, the chances are very high that he is not what he claims to be. These people may be Rogue Traders.

A professional tradesman would NEVER knock on your door, because for one, it is very unprofessional to do this, and two, it would make him look desperate for work.

(professional trades people wouldn’t want anyone to know even if they were)
If you need work doing, for example;
  • a house paint or re-paint,
  • internal painting and decorating,
  • repairs to wood or brickwork,
  • roofing,
  • tiling,
  • rebuilding,
  • plastering,
  • electrical, etc, etc,
you should be able to find a good, skilled person either online through Google Local searches or in Classified ads in papers or, again, online.

Just type in the skill required, and your area, and bingo, you get a list of skilled people in your post code.

Unfortunately, and this is what gives ALL skilled people a really bad name, there are those who will knock doors, convince with a good sales pitch that you need work to be done. Work could range from new windows to roofing tiles replacement to block paving….you get my meaning. They then take a deposit, neglect to do the work, grossly overcharge, and run.
When having work quoted in or on your home, it is important that you do not accept rough estimates as theses prices can go significantly higher. Always get a verbal or written quote.(a quote will normally be the price you pay)

Always ask for and get an itinerary/breakdown of work to be undertaken,

including labour costs, always ask for references if available and call those references yourself and always get a receipt for all work done. Lastly, get a written guarantee on work completed.(paint will normally have a guarantee on the tin) No self respecting tradesman would refuse any of these reasonable requests.

When you are satisfied in this company’s or person’s qualifications, and are comfortable having them in or on your property, DO NOT hand all the money over beforehand.

This is a big mistake and catches a lot of people out. Professionals will only ask for a reasonable deposit for materials and/or equipment, say 20%. This would be ok as he would need to pay for such.

In the case of a house re-paint, 20% is ok as this money would be used to buy roller sleeves, brushes, paint and sundries. The only reason they would ask for more is if the job were worth a lot more than say £5000. If he is a sole trader, he may need a slightly higher deposit to cover expenses.(again, no problem)
Because nobody wants to be out of pocket, a tradesman will cover himself in this way. (insurance will not cover the likelyhood of a customer changing their minds after the materials have already been purchased.) There’s nothing wrong with being careful.

If you would like a QUOTE (not a rough ESTIMATE) for House Painting/Repainting from, please contact us on the telephone numbers and email addresses at the top of this site.  Thank you for your time and interest.