Pricing and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Exterior House Painters-West Midlands.

We at like to think we give Good Value For Money.   

Q...What Paint do you use to Paint the Exteriors of Houses?

A...We recommend a good masonary paint such as Dulux Weathershield or Sandtex Exterior Masonary Paints for the summer months in the UK. In the winter months (September onwards) we recommend Gliddens (Dulux) Pliolite Resin Based Exterior Paints.
Q...Why do you use Rollers and Brushes instead of spraying?
A...We ONLY use Roller and Brush techniques because to spray paint on the exterior walls of houses would require calm windless days to avoid overspray and the paint hitting your neighbour's car, cat, dog, wife, wife's washing etc etc. We don't get that kind of weather in the UK, Do we?
Q...Do you fix render cracks and breaks or blown render?
A...Yes we do. For a reasonable charge we can fix breaks in render, cracks and blown areas prior to painting. (as seen in example 2 on our home page)
Q...Do you use cover/dust sheets when you're painting? I don't want paint on my driveway or paving at the rear of my house.
A...Yes, absolutely! No self respecting professional painter would even THINK of starting a project without these essential items.
Q...Do you charge for ALL the work i need to get done? If not. Why not?
A...Short answer No. Longer answer, we normally only charge for walls to be painted. We do not charge for the following;
Fascia, Soffit, Garden Gates, Damp Proof Course (DPC), Canopy, Garage Doors and Frames. We do not charge for these extras because it is our policy to Over Deliver, keeping our customers happy, which in turn gives good value for money.

Q...How much do you charge? How do you charge? How do you ask for payments?
A...Our pricing is based on an individual assessment of the property to be painted, and as no two properties are alike, we think it unfair to give a "Guesstimate" for our work. We will however, visit your home and give an honest appraisal for the work, or "An Actual Quote!!"

Payments are made by cash or cheque. Deposits are usually NOT required, unless the project is very large.
Remember ALL the extras that are thrown in for FREE and we think you'll agree, these costings become exceptional value for money.
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As stated earlier on this page; "Our First Quote is Your Last and FINAL Price", not just a rough estimate.